About Us

Welcome to Pappens, located in Cheruthoni, right in the heart of Idukki. At Pappens, we are dedicated to excellent food, friendly service, a warm atmosphere and value for money.

Pappens opened in 2002. Pappens Travel offers a variety of tour styles to suit a wide range of travelers. Whether you want an in-depth adventure across the continents or a hop-on hop-off city sightseeing tour, we have the perfect tour for you.

Pappens is a name famous for providing Best Outdoor Catering Services in Kerala . Whether it is a marriage function or a birthday party or any corporate event, everything is treated in a special way.

We are famous for creating a totally hassle free environment in the occasions. As planners, we have tie-ups/arrangements with various suppliers from catering to artistes to jewelers to cloths to every little requirement that usually arises in these functions. We negotiate with different suppliers according to your budget size and thus can clinch the best bargains for you in the process. As planners, we also reduce your running around by as much as 50 per cent and let you focus on the main event easily. And since we are always up to date with the latest decor style and catering fads, we can really help you in making this event a unique and memorable one. At Pappens Caterers, we are committed to taking the worry of planning an event from you. Customers can choose a simple pre-packaged catering menu or create their own menu from our lists of suggestions or sample menus. We can also accommodate a wide array of other choices for various events. We enjoy helping you come up with an event that reflects your unique style.